Eric Wiese

Magento System Config Scope Hints


Magento’s multi-store capability is very powerful, allowing merchants and developers to centrally control resources and settings while overriding core settings at website and store levels where necessary.

This flexibility, however, can often lead to lost time and effort debugging why a particular global setting is not applying as expected when, in fact, it is actually overriden at a more specific scope.

Module Overview

In order to quickly inform store admins and developers when a setting is overriden at a more specific scope, this module adds a standard Magento alert icon next to the scope label when it is set “further downstream”.

Screenshot of magento System Config Scope Hints Module

This alert icon can be expanded to detail the specific scopes where the field is overriden, along with links directly to the target scopes.

Where to get it

The module can found on github:

Please refer to the README — I pride myself on comprehensive documentation. As always, I welcome feedback, issues, and pull requests. :)