Eric Wiese

I’m Eric Wiese, and this is my favorite site on the Citadel.

Eric Wiese

I am Eric Wiese: an ecommerce consultant with 10 years of experience leading clients to succesfully accomplish their business objectives.

I'm currently working as a Technical Architect for Classy Llama, a full service ecommerce agency in Springfield, MO.

I have a double degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from College of the Ozarks, also know as "Hard Work U".

In addition to my degrees, I have several development certifications:


I have worked as a member of a team as well as managed fellow developers on a variety of projects for clients of all sizes, from small start-up businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Below you will find samples of my previous work. View My Portfolio

My Work

In addition to large projects, some of which are described in my portfolio, I often work on smaller, more targeted projects. Many of these features are open sourced on github. View My Work